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5 Tips For Designing An Awning For Your Outdoor Dining Area


If you are the owner of a restaurant or cafe and have outdoor space available to create a dining area, then you may be able to attract and serve more customers, especially during warm weather. When setting up an outdoor dining area, one of the more important aspects will be the awning that you choose. An awning will provide shade for your customers and protect them from light rain, making your outdoor dining area usable more often. Additionally, it will help visually separate your dining area from the surrounding areas. However, there are a few rules you should follow when designing your awning for an outdoor dining area. 

Consider Retractable Awnings 

If your restaurant or cafe is in a crowded pedestrian area, it is likely that there are strict rules that govern outdoor seating areas. In most areas, you will be allowed to set up a slightly larger outdoor eating area if you use a retractable awning rather than a static awning. With a static awning, you may be limited to just one row of tables in front of your building, but with a retractable awning, you will likely be allowed to place multiple rows of tables as long as there is ample space between the curb and your dining area. 

Do Not Over-Advertise Your Restaurant 

You may be tempted to use your awning as extra advertising for your establishment. However, it is important to remember that awnings are usually included in the overall signage that your establishment is allotted based on its zoning. However, plain awnings without printed information or your logo will likely not count against your signage allowance. 

Even if your restaurant is located in an area with a liberal signage allowance, it is important to remember that too much advertising can feel like shouting to a customer, making your establishment less attractive to potential customers. For that reason, it is better to use only small, discrete lettering or a small version of your logo on your awning. 

Make Your Awnings Memorable 

While your awning should not be overbearing, it should be memorable. This will help your customers remember your establishment and will also help them describe your establishment to their friends. You can make your awning stand out by choosing a unique color or pattern for the awning fabric or by utilizing interesting shapes such as arches or slightly longer sections of fabric. However, it is important that your awning also blends well with the overall atmosphere of the street. 

Add Extra Barriers If Necessary 

If the pedestrian area in front of your restaurant is particularly busy, you may want to add extra barriers to help separate your dining areas and protect your diners' dining experience. You can order short fabric barriers that match your awning to help create a cohesive look. While your awning is extended, you may also choose to hang fabric from the awning down to the barrier to create more of an enclosed, protected feeling for your diners. 

Include Basic Comforts for All Weather Dining 

To make your outdoor dining area more comfortable throughout the year, you should install some basic comfort items. If your awning is partially retractable with a static section closer to your building, you can attach a misting system that will help keep your clients cool during hot weather. For cool weather, you should consider investing in portable heaters. However, it is important you discuss your heating plans with your sign maker to make sure that the awning fabric they use is a breathable fabric that is compatible with heaters. 

Creating an outdoor dining area for your clients can increase your business, but it is important that you follow get professional help designing the best awning to attract your clients. Contact a company like Hightech Signs for more info.


8 September 2016