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2 Mistakes To Avoid When Coming Up With Designs For Your Large Office Building's Wayfinding Signs


If you are getting ready to open a new office or are redesigning your current one, you may be in the process of designing the various signs for the business. While you may already know what you want for the main signs with the business's name and logo, you should not forget about the wayfinding signs that will be posted inside the building.

Especially if your office building is large, you will need signs that direct people to specific service areas, employee offices, and even the restrooms. However, while you do want to make sure the signs match the decor, there are a couple of mistakes you need to avoid when designing the wayfinding signs for your large office building.

1. Choosing a Font That Is Difficult to Read with Lettering That Is a Color That Blends into the Background Too Easily

One mistake that you should avoid making when choosing a design for your office building's wayfinding signs is choosing a font and colors that make them difficult to read. While your logo may have fancy lettering, you should save this for your main signs and use a font that has straight, simple lines.

When choosing the color of the font, it should be a contrasting color that stands out from the background so that it does not blend in and become hard to see. An office signage professional can show you color combinations that work best for directional signs.

2. Forgetting to Make the Signs Accessible by Making the Lettering Too Small or Neglecting to Add Braille in Easy-to-reach Places

Another mistake you should avoid making is forgetting to make the signs accessible to clients who have difficulty seeing or are blind. If you make the lettering too small, they will not be able to read the signs from a distance.

You should also make sure that the signs have braille along their bottoms and are placed in an easy-to-ready location along the walls. A professional can help you come up with a design that is accessible to everyone who comes into your office building.

When designing wayfinding signs for your office building, you want to make sure that the lettering is in a font that is easy to read and colored so that it contrasts with the background. You should also choose a size that is easily readable from a distance and also includes braille to make the signs easily accessible to everyone.

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16 August 2023