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Different Styles Of Headstone Monuments


A tombstone or headstone refers to a slab usually built using marble or bronze and is set on a grave. The grave markers carry the deceased's details, including the names and the date of birth. Some people can inscribe a send-off message in the form of a poem or artwork on the grave markers. Generally, buying these tombstones can be overwhelming, especially if it's your first time losing a loved one. You want to choose the best grave marker to remember the deceased. Thus, you need to understand the various types of headstone monuments. These are the four major tombstone designs that you can choose.

Upright Tombstones

Upright grave markers are the most conventional designs. Upright gravestones usually comprise of two components:

  1. Base. The base provides support for the entire tombstone.

  2. Die. The slab that rests on the base and has the information of the dead.

Upright grave markers have a vertical die that lies on the base, which is set up on the grave's foundation.

Slant Tombstones

Slant grave markers are like upright tombstones but with a slight difference. There are two types of slant tombstones:

  1. Slant tombstones with nosing. These have a vertical back but the front slants due to nosing. The nosing is usually the 2-inch flat area at the stone's front with a rocky or polished finish.

  2. Full face slant tombstones. These tombstones are flat at the front and vertical at the back but don't have nosing.

The slanted shape makes the die of slant grave markers sturdy, and the tombstones can sit on a foundation without a base.

Flat and Bevel Tombstones

Most flat or lawn level headstone monuments are at the same level as the ground. The tombstones can also rise about 1–4 inches above the ground. Flat grave markers are rectangular and have a thickness of about 4 inches.

Bevel headstones rise slightly higher at the hind area than the front area resulting in a sloped shape. These grave markers have a thickness of 6 inches.

All these gravestones can come as single upright tombstones that contain details of one person or companion upright tombstones with the details of two deceased individuals who share a grave. The gravestones also have standard top finishes that include serpentine, oval, flat, corner rounds, and rooftop finishing. 

The popular designs of headstone monuments include upright, slanted, flat, and bevel tombstones. If you are looking for a grave marker to remember your deceased loved one by, consider any of these styles.

For more information, contact a headstone monument service.


29 April 2021