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Companies: Do You Need Reliable Power Pole Tags?


If you operate a small cable or utility company, you may need to install a few utility poles in different locations around the city. If you don't tag your utility poles properly, you could encounter issues with the city. Learn more about power pole tags and what you need to use for your business below.

What Are Power Pole Tags?

Utility poles allow you to safely install and regulate your customers' electrical lines, cable lines, and other applications. However, utility poles can be unsafe if you don't mark or designate them properly. Power pole tags can keep your customers and workers safe and knowledgeable about their surroundings.

Power pole tags identify your poles with words, numbers, colorful images, and other important information. You can use tags to warn customers about things that can harm them, such as live electrical wires or loose cable lines. You can also use tags to alert customers and the city about your company, including your name, business address, and business contact phone numbers.

What Types of Power Pole Tags Do You Need?

You want to order your tags directly from a sign provider. Sign companies offer several different types of tags, including nameplate tags and placards. You want to order tags that not only inform customers about your utility poles and other pertinent information, but you also want to choose tags that highlight your company's brand.

After you choose the tags you need for your company, a provider will process, make, and design them for you. A sign company can use a variety of materials to process your tags, including aluminum and stainless steel. If you worry about rust affecting your tags, speak to a provider right away. A provider can discuss the materials they offer and help you choose one that doesn't rust or degrade.

In addition to choosing the right materials for your tags, you also want to add serial numbers and other identifying text to your tags. The serial numbers can make it easier for your company or the city to scan your tags during inspections and other critical times. If possible, consider embossing, etching, or stamping the information on your tags to preserve its integrity.

Contact a sign company online or by telephone today if you think power pole tags can benefit your needs or if you're ready to make your utility poles safe and easy to see for those in your community. Keep these tips in mind when looking for power pole tags.


12 August 2021