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Keys To Having Channel Letter Signs Customized By A Fabricator


Channel letters are often used on the outside of commercial buildings because of their design flexibility and ease of installation. If you're planning to have these letters customized by a fabricator, here are some things worth doing.

Look at Some Design Examples

You can have channel letters customized for a sign in different ways, such as making them a certain size, color, and style. So that you have complete confidence in the customizations you have performed to this lettering, go ahead and look at design examples that already exist.

That will give you ideas of what can be done with this lettering so that you don't have to design from scratch completely. You can still make unique channel letters, but you'll be able to gain inspiration from designs that you think could work on your own commercial property. Once you find a design you like, you can show it to the fabricator, and they'll ensure the end results are perfect.

Make Sure Fabrication Is Supported by Automated Machinery

To ensure you get precision fabrication results out of channel letters made for a company sign, you need to look for automated machinery. It's going to make channel lettering fabrication more refined and efficient. 

Even if you have channel letters that require complex customizations, automated fabrication methods can deliver what you need in a professional manner and on a consistent basis. You'll still have professionals overseeing said machinery, but for the most part, it will do all of the work.

Utilize Framing Services Too

Once you get channel letters customized the way you want and they're ready to be mounted on your building, it's a good idea to use the fabricator's available framing services. Most of these companies offer them to ensure each client's signage is set up in a professional, long-lasting way.

They'll use high-quality materials that keep your channel letters in the same position regardless of what they're exposed to. Professional framing services can also help you figure out where to place these letters so that you don't have to make adjustments later on.

You'll be able to show off an impressive commercial building that people instantly recognize thanks to company signage. If you're going with channel letters, it helps to get on the same page with a fabricator and utilize as many helpful services as possible. Then you'll get professional signage set up in no time. 

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7 December 2021